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My payment was refused by a merchant
My payment was refused by a merchant
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If you’re having trouble with a payment that didn’t work with a merchant:

Contact the merchant

Reach out to the merchant directly and let them know what happened and how they can help solve the problem.

Check the type of merchant before proceeding with any card transactions, as our cards do not support payments to certain types of businesses, including financial institutions, payment services, and cryptocurrency platforms. We are actively working to expand the range of merchant types accepted for card transactions in the future.

Check your card information

Make sure that all of your incard information is up-to-date and correct with the merchant so that future payments don’t get declined.

Check the currency of the transaction and your balances.

  • If you have a UK LTD, the base currency of your account is GBP. Therefore, you must ensure that you have USD in your balance to pay USD by card. You can also have GBP in your balance, and we will take care of the conversion, if you spend in any currency by card, for example CAD. However, if you only have EUR, we do not automatically convert to another currency when you try to pay by card as base currency is GBP.

  • If your company is based in the EU, your account's base currency is EUR. Consequently, when you make card transactions in any currency, such as CAD or USD, the equivalent amount will be deducted from your EUR balance, and the conversion will be done automatically.

Contact us

If the problem persists, contact us by in-app chat or email to to inform of the issue and ask for guidance on how to proceed. It is possible that this merchant or its category is blocked by us, in which case we will inform you.

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