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My card is lost/stolen/damaged
My card is lost/stolen/damaged
Written by Soraya
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Be sure to freeze your card as soon as possible so that no one can access your funds through it. You won’t be able to use your card to make any transactions for now. But you can always defrost your card and go back to using it as normal.

To freeze your card:

  • Go to your incard account, tap ”Cards”.

  • Select the card you want to freeze and tap on “Freeze”.

Then you can order a replacement card:

  • Go to Cards tab

  • Select the card that is lost/stolen/damaged

  • Tap “Manage”, “Report an issue”

  • Select a reason for what happened

  • Tap “Report and order new card”

If you think your card has been used fraudulently, submit a chargeback request.

Found your card but it doesn't work? Please contact us by in-app chat or email to to reactivate your card.

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