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Chargeback if you suspect a fraudulent payment
Chargeback if you suspect a fraudulent payment
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A chargeback is a way for you to dispute a card transaction and request your money back. It’s important for you to understand the process of filing a chargeback so that you can take advantage of your rights. Here are the steps for filing a chargeback with incard:

Contact us right away

We require you to file an initial claim within 60 days of the original transaction in order to qualify for a refund. To do so, we ask you to fill this form.

Gather all documents related to the purchase

This would include any copies of the original invoice, receipts or other evidence that supports your claim, such as emails between you and the merchant or any communication from the merchant acknowledging wrongdoing.

Submit your claim and provide proof

We will review your claim along with all supporting documents, such as screenshots or log-in information that could help prove your case. After filing your initial claim, it can take up to three weeks for approval.

Wait for results

Once approved, you should receive either a full or partial refund from incard along with an explanation of why it was granted. If rejected, please contact us by in-app chat or email to find out why and what other steps you can take if needed.

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