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What kind of cards do we use?
What kind of cards do we use?
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We offer two types of cards: physical (plastic) and virtual. All our cards are debit cards, so they are likely to be accepted worldwide. We offer Visa cards.

Physical cards have the company name, cardholder name, card number and expiry date on the front. The CVC is printed on the back of the card.

The company name on the cards can be up to 25 characters long. It can be personalised as an abbreviation of your company name or trading name. You can contact us by in-app chat or email to to change the company name on the card before ordering.

For security reasons, never take a picture of the back of your card and never give this information to a third party.

You can also access your physical and virtual card information from your incard interface.

incard is a premium offer and we provide you with a VISA Platinum Business Card. You get the same level of service if you use a virtual card or a physical card for your spending. The Visa Cards we provide are Debit cards and are suitable for business with high-spending patterns.

We’ve added an enhanced benefits package, security and tools for your business to pay and be paid, around the world:

  • Premium service package

  • Rewards program to help your business with exclusive discounts

  • Protection and insurances to minimise business disruption and accidental events

  • Travel and lifestyle premium benefits that provide status, savings and ease of use

If your company is registered in France, you also have access to the platform: You can create an account on it and get exclusive benefits for that country.

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