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Which address should I use to open my account?
Which address should I use to open my account?
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You will be guided through our process to enter the required information about yourself and your company, verify your identity and submit your documents. We need to have a clear idea of what your business does and what you intend to do with your incard account. In terms of addresses, we also need to know:

Where is your physical presence

We need to understand where you are physically based and confirm your personal residence address. If you travel regularly and move from one place to another, your country of residence is the country where you pay your personal taxes. This information and your ability to prove it with a valid document is important to us because, for example, if your business is registered in the UK but you live outside the EEA or the UK, you will not be able to open an account with incard yet.

Where is the trading address of your business

We need to know where you regularly go to operate the business with which you are opening an incard account. This address can be the same as your home address if you operate your business from home.

We need to fill in the following 3 characteristics for those who open an account with incard:

  1. If you are opening an account yourself, you must be resident in the EEA or UK.

  2. At least one beneficial owner/director of the business must reside in the EEA or UK.

  3. The trading address of your business must be in the EEA or UK.

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