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Receiving money with incard
Someone has paid me using incard but I haven't received it yet
Someone has paid me using incard but I haven't received it yet
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If you're waiting for money sent through incard, the best way to find out where it is is to ask the person who sent it. They can check its status by logging in to the incard app.

We can't give you any details about a transfer if you want to talk to us. This is to protect everyone's privacy and security. The only person who can get information about a transfer is the one who sent it.

If the person who paid you from incard sees on their incard app that the transfer has been completed, it may take 1-2 days for the payment to appear in your account.

Get a transfer receipt

You can also request the sender for a transfer receipt. They can find this by going to the relevant transfer in the “Recent transactions” section of their incard account, clicking on the transfer they sent you and “Download payment confirmation”. Once you have received the payment confirmation, pass it on to your bank so that they can check if they’ve received the payment.

Double check the bank details

When you get the transfer receipt, check your bank details to make sure the sender didn’t make a mistake. If they did, let them know and ask them to contact us by in-app chat or email to

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