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What documents do I need to provide?
What documents do I need to provide?

The documents you need to prepare when opening an incard account so that we can check your business

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We will require from you:

Business documents


Documents accepted

Proof of trading/operating address*

Utility bill of less than 3 months, Bank statement or Rental agreement.

Source of funds

Bank statement, Invoices issued to customers or Payslips.

Proof of shareholder structure*

Registry extract, Incorporation document, Article of association, Memorandum of association, Confirmation Statement (Annual return) or Audited annual accounts.

Proof of incorporation (not necessary for UK Business accounts)

Certificate of incorporation.

*For Sole trader accounts, we ask for proof of home address instead and do not ask for proof of shareholding structure.

Personal documents

Identification document


Identification document accepted


Driving license, Passport

EEA and CH

National ID, Passport

Everyone else

Passport, Residence Permit*

*We may also need a residence permit to prove you have a right to live in the EEA or in the UK.

Proof of home address

Please make sure you are providing a proof of address from our accepted resident locations.

Utility Bill, Bank/Credit Card Statement, Council Tax Letter, Mortgage Statement, Residency Card or Driving License.

Once we have a high-level structure of your company, we will ask you for additional information on any shareholders or directors of your company that we need to verify as well. The information requested above will apply to them.

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